Dtravel (TRVL): The Future of Traveling and Home Sharing

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If you’re a frequent flyer, odds are you may have stayed at a home sharing listing. From a myriad of lodging options to the massive cost savings, the home sharing space has revolutionized the travel industry with its take on casual travel accommodations. That said, the existing home sharing platforms also have their share of flaws. These include increasingly expensive rental fees and lackluster rewards programs and transactional relationships between hosts and guests. Thankfully, platforms like Dtravel are levelling the playing field and empowering the home sharing community with their decentralized approach.

Dtravel is a home sharing platform that’s built from the ground up with its community in mind. This is achieved due to its status as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which gives ownership to platform users. Supporting this creatively disruptive home sharing project is TRVL tokens. By owning TRVL, community members including guests and hosts, all have a say when it comes to future platform initiatives. 

Interested in how Dtravel will shape the future of home sharing? Scroll on, as this guide covers everything you need to know about Dtravel and its native TRVL tokens.

What is Dtravel?

Dtravel is a decentralized, community-owned home sharing marketplace that relies on blockchain technology to empower its users. Thanks to its DAO structure, hosts and guests can essentially decide the future of Dtravel with its native utility token, TRVL.

The home sharing industry has matured beyond its humble roots, which started with Couch Surfing and the idea of letting people stay for free on your couch. Home sharing accommodations have evolved to become the first choice for many travelers who seek a more local experience, who want to connect with hosts and often also want a lower cost alternative to hotels. However, with this maturity and surge in population, this has also led to high fees, transactional relationships between hosts and guests and a move away from community. 

Fortunately, home sharing platforms like Dtravel have stepped up to resolve these problems with their DAO approach, letting community members voice their concerns in this community-governed ecosystem. With former Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and blockchain executives leading the team, it’s clear Dtravel understands their addressable market as it seeks to resolve these age-old issues with the power of blockchain technology.

The Dtravel platform benefits don’t stop at equal opportunities for participation. From lower fees for both hosts and guests to giving its community shared ownership through its TRVL tokens, Dtravel is bringing home sharing back to its community based roots and creating the next evolution through the use of Web 3.0 technologies. Overall, Dtravel has its members’ interests at heart, so there’s a fair distribution of value to all community members, including hosts and guests.

What Are the Benefits of Holding TRVL Tokens?

If you’re planning on joining Dtravel’s home sharing community, you’re going to need TRVL tokens. As Dtravel’s native utility coin, TRVL tokens have four purposes:

  • Travel: guests can pay using TRVL and hosts can accept payment in TRVL. Guests get give backs in TRVL for every booking to make it even more rewarding to use Dtravel to book stays.
  • Loyalty: there are onboarding incentives and growth actions for both hosts and guests, rewarding them for helping grow Dtravel’s ecosystem. Support-to-earn is also included here to reward its community for their contributions.
  • Protection: hosts get $1M in a property protection pool, powered by DeFi
  • Governance: for voting on proposals to influence the future plans of Dtravel and become involved in various aspects of the Dtravel DAO

Dtravel is innovating on many fronts such as their Support-to-Earn initiative. Much like today’s GameFi projects and NFT games, which focus on play-to-earn systems that reward continued loyalty and engagement, Dtravel adopts a similar support-to-earn reward structure that incentivizes users to be more active in the community. From resolving user disputes to onboarding new users, community members who engage and support the Dtravel home sharing ecosystem are duly rewarded with TRVL tokens.

Dtravel’s protection pool, offering $1M USD for hosts for property protection, uses DeFi yield strategies to automatically and continuously grow the protection pool over time so that hosts have increasingly more coverage. 

What Are Dtravel’s Premium Member NFTs?

Premium Member NFTs are the first travel NFTs and offer exclusive rewards for discerning travelers who use the Dtravel booking platform. Owning the Premium NFT Membership grants holders benefits like increased TRVL token give backs on bookings, lowered booking fees and extra property pool protection for hosts. Unlike other premium loyalty programs which are nonrefundable, Dtravel’s Premium Member NFTs can be resold on marketplaces, should holders no longer need the membership perks.

TRVL Tokenomics

There is a maximum supply of 1 billion ERC20 TRVL tokens, to be distributed according to the chart (above) over the course of five years. Of this total supply, 250 million tokens will be dedicated to community growth initiatives, including airdrops and onboarding incentives, which aim to drive user engagement. Because of Dtravel’s DAO structure, TRVL token holders can vote to decide how best to use this fund to grow the Dtravel ecosystem. 

Another 250 million tokens are dedicated to the community treasury. This is a pool that receives all fees collected from bookings, and is mainly used to fund the protection pool and the contributors such as the Genesys Team. The pool will also fund future projects that benefit the Dtravel community. It’s this inclined split toward user acquisition and retention that showcases how committed Dtravel is to growing its business for the long haul.

Is TRVL a Good Investment?

From Dtravel’s road map, it’s clear that the team has an organized plan for where they’re headed with the home sharing platform’s future. Some notable highlights in the pipeline include a revamping of their booking platform, further refinement of support-to-earn mechanics, and bridges for TRVL to other chains. As booking fees continue to skyrocket on other platforms, it’s safe to say Dtravel has the edge, thanks to its wallet-friendly fees and its focus on equitably distributing value to hosts and guests. Ultimately, Dtravel’s success will depend on mass adoption. Hosts and guests are already incentivized to try the platform as the early-bird call distributes 15 million TRVL tokens to community members with a total of 90 million tokens allocated overall for community members as rewards for helping the ecosystem grow. This is certainly a step in the right direction for both long-term Dtravel ecosystem growth and TRVL token plans.

How to Invest in Dtravel and TRVL tokens

Keen on investing in TRVL tokens? Make sure you check out the Bybit Launchpool from November 19 at 00:00AM UTC to November 28 at 23:59PM UTC.

Just click the link below to get started.

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