Pintu Token (PTU): Driving the Growth of SEA’s Leading Crypto Exchange

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With a population of 270 million, Indonesia is a market that’s ripe with opportunity as the fourth most populous country in the world. Currently, half of this population doesn’t have easy access to financial services, and it’s safe to say that crypto exchanges are attempting to strike while the iron’s hot by catering to millions of unbanked people. With this in mind, there’s no other crypto exchange that’s better positioned to take advantage of this explosive growth than Pintu.

From Pintu’s beginner-friendly interface to zero commissions trading, many satisfied users have called it the Coinbase of Southeast Asia. With the hotly anticipated PTU token on the horizon, Pintu is primed for success as PTU helps accelerate its growth and improve user engagement. Wondering how Pintu plans to meet these sky-high expectations? Read on as this guide covers an introduction to Pintu’s exchange and PTU tokens. 

What Is Pintu?

Pintu is Indonesia’s mobile first fiat-to-crypto on- and off-ramp exchange, registered and regulated by Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI). Indonesian crypto investors can thus on- and off-ramp seamlessly while purchasing numerous crypto assets.

Lawsuits, bans and restrictions: these terms would certainly be familiar to any large-scale crypto exchange. With governments clamping down on unregulated exchanges worldwide, it’s imperative that exchanges get the proper licenses so they’re operating legally without any regulatory infringement. Fortunately, Pintu has been a secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that’s fully compliant with BAPPEBTI regulations since 2020. This allows Pintu to fully pursue its goal of bridging Indonesia’s massive retail community into the crypto ecosystem while minimizing the risk of regulatory disruption.

In addition, Pintu’s exchange stands out from its competition by offering zero commission fees and an app design that’s easy to navigate, even for beginners. Its user-friendly factors increase accessibility and lower the barrier to entry for crypto investing so that any Indonesian investor can get involved. Ultimately, it’s Pintu’s combination of government support, zero commissions and an intuitive user interface that makes it the best-rated crypto app in Indonesia.

What Are PTU Tokens?

Believe in the potential of Pintu? You can participate in its growth by checking out Pintu’s latest featured exchange token, PTU. As an ERC20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain, PTU will help promote Pintu’s long-term ecosystem growth and reward loyal members of its community. Here are some incentives for both PTU HODLers and purchasers:

  • Annual staking reward for PTU tokens (coming soon)
  • Exclusive marketing campaign bonuses
  • VIP customer service (coming soon)
  • Referral rewards

PTU Tokenomics

A total supply of 300 million PTU tokens will be distributed according to the chart shown above. While this large supply might be a cause for concern among some purchasers, there will be a transparent buy-and-burn token mechanism. Pintu estimates it will buy and burn PTU tokens equivalent to 0.01%–0.03% of the total trading value across all assets on its platform, calculated in Rupiah (IDR) on a monthly basis. This will help reduce circulating supply over time, ultimately optimizing token supply in the long run. Pintu will publish the Etherscan of the burn transactions to provide transparency for the wider community. It’s estimated that after approximately 20% of all PTU tokens are burned, the token burns will conclude.

To further drive user engagement and grow Pintu’s ecosystem, the team has dedicated 120 million tokens to reward users for their loyalty to the platform. This amount will be used for various future features or benefits (staking, trading competitions, referral rewards and periodic airdrops). For a more in-depth dive into Pintu’s token allocation details, refer to the chart shown above or refer to PTU’s white paper.

Does PTU Have Good Growth Potential?

Since its inception, Pintu has grown exponentially, thanks to its localized marketing approach. At this time, its user base is 1.2 million strong. This is less than one percent of Indonesia’s total population, so it’s safe to say that Pintu has a bright future ahead when it comes to dominating the crypto exchange space in Indonesia. As more Indonesians discover Pintu’s user-friendly design, overall demand for PTU tokens may strengthen as users increasingly engage with the Pintu ecosystem. This confidence in Pintu is further bolstered by its solid base of equity investors, which includes Pantera Capital, Coinbase and FTX, among others.

How to Purchase PTU Tokens

Want to start purchasing PTU and participating in the growth of the Pintu network? Make sure you check out the Bybit Launchpad beginning November 18 at 0:00AM UTC.

Just click the link below to get started.

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